High Accuracy Automatic Carbonation Mixer

High Accuracy Automatic Carbonation Mixer

DBCH  type mixer is an sophisticated on-line automated mass circulation mixer&comma can instantly detect and accurately change&comma it lessen precision mistake from traditional guide deployment  and help save the deployment method value &comma specially for large speed ongoing manufacturing line &comma and can be blended with the connected equipments to create various types of merchandise &comma such as carbonated beverage combine &comma etc&interval
2&period standard composition
one&rpar        a proportioner &period of time Management reconcile ratio of h2o and syrup &comma based mostly on management of the flow in the item formula is&time period
2&rpar        A precision drinking water circulation meter for measuring the precise ratio of h2o movement to ensure exact matching &comma procedure can be repeated
3&rpar        a substantial-precision syrup mass flowmeter&comma for the dedication of the specific ratio of matching to make sure correct circulation &comma operation can be repeated &comma using a mass circulation meter to measure syrup to aviod impact on the measuring method from syrup temperature modifications &lparleading to the alterations of concentration and viscosity &rpar
4&rpar        Two mixing ratio pump&comma a optimistic displacement pump is used to transport the ratio syrup&comma the syrup flow can be precisely modified &period of time to aviod affect on Syrup movement triggered by alterations of syrup temperature  &lpar foremost to modifications in focus and viscosity &rpar&interval A centrifugal pump for conveying ratio water
5&rpar        a water circulation handle valve &comma specifically handle of water flow according to the movement measurement consequence
six&rpar        a mixer&comma for closing mixing of the combined beverage &period The syrup and drinking water have been mixed in a far more uniform
7&rpar        a syrup tank with a stage controler&comma according to the sum of syrup left to handle the amount of syrup enter &interval Stage management probes offer continuous data to the PLC guidelines &period of time control syrup online constantly&time period
8&rpar        a drinking water tank with manage float &comma according to the sum of drinking water in tank to control the volume of h2o enter
nine&rpar        a management gadget is mounted with a stainless steel handle cupboard &comma largely utilized for automated management of the method about high-precision mixing ratio &period of time Which includes &colon PLC&comma control continuesly&comma the video exhibit and control panel &comma and all the tools essential for the function procedure &commalike sensors and basic safety devices&period Software such as&colon&comma technique diagrams &comma the ratio of management&comma manufacturing and exhibit&comma with a entire set of alarm display passwords secure procedure
10&rpar     a pneumatic system &comma such as all of the air valve &comma air change and trachea &comma a stainless metal frame &comma most of the gear components installed on this rack&period of time Frame is welded construction&comma with adjustable stainless steel legs and fitted with stainless metal plate
three&time period specialized parameters

&lparL&solhr&rpar RATED Capacity 15000
ADJUSTMENT RATIO 1&colon3–1&colon10
Combined PRECISION ≤2&percnt
&lparMpa&rpar inlet force of  compressed air &period5-&period8
&lparNm3&solhr&rpar Compressed air intake &period5&lpar0&period5-&period8Mpa&rpar
inlet diameter of Compressed air 1&sol2″
&lparL&solhr&rpar Treatment method drinking water supply &geq28000
&lparºC&rpar Processing h2o temperature ≤20
&lparMpa&rpar inlet pressure taken care of water &period15-&period25
inlet diameter of dealt with h2o DN65
&lparL&solhr&rpar Processing syrup provide &geq7000
&lparºC&rpar Processing syrup temperature ≤20
&lparMpa&rpar Processing syrup inlet pressure &period15-&period25
Processing syrup inlet and outlet diameter DN40
&lparºC&rpar Materials outlet temperature ≤20
Material outlet diameter DN65
CIP inlet and outlet diameter DN65

High Accuracy Automatic Carbonation Mixer

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