Small Emulsify Homogenizing Mixer Homogenizer Making Mixing Machine

Small Emulsify Homogenizing Mixer Homogenizer Making Mixing Machine

Tiny emulsify homogenizing mixer homogenizer making mixing machine

Substantial force homogenizer

High-stress homogenizer (large-strain jet crusher) is a kind of products for dynamically and continuously doing fluid materials crushing, dispersion and emulsification by physical approaches. The ultra-large pressure collision triggers the suspension of the flowable liquid material. The extremely-substantial stress pump modified by the handle program feeds the processed material into the higher-strain jet collider, and the stress is launched soon after the substantial-stress jet collider completes the collision. The maximum flow charge is a hundred and sixty-two hundred meters / CZPT, and high-force large-velocity influence occurs, so that the materials can be crushed to the micron amount, thus completing the functions of ultra-wonderful crushing, emulsification and dispersion.

Higher strain homogenizer is a particular tools for homogenizing and refining liquid resources and conveying them at substantial stress.


This products is commonly used in the production, scientific research and technological improvement of foods, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biotechnology fields. The homogenizer is mostly used for tissue dispersion in the field of biotechnology, sample preparing in the area of medicine, enzyme treatment in the foods market, and in the pharmaceutical business, cosmetics industry, paint market and petrochemical market. The gadget adopts a stainless steel method, which can effectively individual the area of the protecting physique sample and the homogeneous sample contained in the sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogeneous bag with out contact with the instrument. No harm, no temperature rise, no need to have for sterilization, no need to scrub utensils, and meet the requirements of quick, exact final results and great repeatability.

Structural traits:

This products is made up of body, transmission box, pump entire body, force gauge, homogenizer and other components. The device is a vertical arrangement, the motor

It is set up in the body, the transmission box is mounted on the body, and the pump body is connected with the transmission box. Motor-belt-gearbox shaft curve

The shaft drives the crankshaft to travel the plunger to reciprocate by way of the connecting rod slider. The motion of the plunger in the pump human body varieties suction and compression.

The blended valve controls the materials liquid to form a strain. When the device is employed for homogenization, a homogenizer should be geared up. At this time, the substance liquid is pressed into the homogenizer.

Via the perform of a particular homogenizing valve in the homogenizer, the content liquid is entirely homogenized to refine the substance liquid molecular clusters and the homogeneous material liquid element texture.

When the machine is utilised as a large-pressure pump, a substantial-pressure overflow unit must be outfitted. At this time, the content liquid is pressed into the output port by means of the pump physique, and when the pressure exceeds

When the environment selection is set, the overflow valve will instantly open to sort internal leakage. When the force is decrease than the established value, the overflow valve will immediately near to make the material liquid properly transported in a constant stress assortment.

CZPT parameters:

Design DLJZ-.two/twenty five DLJZ-.three/25 DLJZ-.five/25
Stream 200L/h 300L/h 500L/h
Strain 25Mpa 25Mpa 25Mpa
Motor two.2kw 3kw 4kw
Size 755*520*935mm 755*520*935mm 1571*620*980mm
Associated stress 20Mpa 20Mpa 20Mpa

Small Emulsify Homogenizing Mixer Homogenizer Making Mixing Machine

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