Rexroth A4vso500 Hydraulic Piston Axial Pump Widely Used

Rexroth A4vso500 Hydraulic Piston Axial Pump Widely Used

CZPT  A4vso500  CZPT Piston  axial Pump widely used 

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A4VSO pump
CZPT axial piston pump A4VSO71, A4VSO125, A4VSO180, A4VSO250, A4VSO355, A4VSO500, A4VSO750, A4VSO1000


Open up circuit
Collection ten, 11, and thirty
Size 71…1000
Nominal force 350 bars. Highest strain four hundred bars
The A4VSO or AAVSO Axial piston pump in swash plate layout for hydrostatic drives in open up circuit procedure
– The stream is proportional to the input push speed and displacement. By adjusting the swash plate angle it is feasible to infinitely differ the output movement.
– Excellent suction characteristics
– Lower noise degree
– Prolonged services lifestyle
– Modular design and style
– Quick response moments
– Extensive selection of by way of push possibilities
– Visual swivel angle indicator
– Optional mounting position

CZPT Data 
Desk of values (theoretical values, with out effectiveness and tolerances values rounded)

Nominal measurement A4VSO71 A4VSO125 A4VSO180 A4VSO250
Nominal force p N bar 350 350 350 350
Greatest strain pmax bar 450 450 450 450
Displacement Vg max cm³ seventy one 125 one hundred eighty 250
Pace Max. speed n max rpm 2200 1800 1800 1500
Stream at n max q V max l/min 156 225 324 375
Energy Δ p = 350 bar P max kW 91 131 189 219
Torque Δ p = 350 bar CZPT Nm 395 696 1002 1391
Excess weight (approx.) m kg 53 88 102 184
Nominal measurement A4VSO355 A4VSO500 A4VSO750 A4VSO1000
Nominal stress p N bar 350 350 350 350
Highest stress pmax bar 450 450 450 450
Displacement Vg max cm³ 355 five hundred 750 a thousand
Velocity Max. velocity n max rpm 1500 1320   1000
Movement at n max q V max l/min 533 660   one thousand
Electricity Δ p = 350 bar P max kW 311 385 525 583
Torque Δ p = 350 bar CZPT Nm 1976 2783 4174 5565
Excess weight (approx.) m kg 207 320 460 605


Details model of CZPT A4VSO pump
R95715712    AA4VSO180EO2/30R-PPB13N00 R957108444    A4VSO750HS3/30R-PZH25N00
R95715718    AA4VSO125EO2/30R-PPB13N00 R957108445    A4VSO1000HS3/30R-PZH25N00
R957108078    AA4VSO355DRG/30R-PPB13N00 R91095718    A4VSO40LR2/10R-PPB13N00
R957107830    AA4VSO355EO2/30R-PPB25N00 R9109 0571 5    A4VSO71LR2/10R-PPB13N00
R957105908    AA4VSO180MA/30R-PPB13N00 R9109 0571 1    A4VSO71LR2G/10R-PPB13N00
R95715710    AA4VSO355HD1/30R-PPB13N00 R9109 0571 1    A4VSO40LR2G/10R-PPB13N00
R957104305    AA4VSO125DR/30L-PPB13N00 R91 0571 769    A4VSO250DR/30R-PPB13N00
R95715710    AA4VSO180DR/30R-VPB13N00 R91571951    A4VSO250DP/30R-PPB13N00
R9571 0571 3    AA4VSO125LR2/30R-PPB13N00 R91571965    A4VSO250DRG/30R-PPB13N00
R9571 0571 1    AA4VSO180DRG/30R-PPB13N00 R91 0571 295    A4VSO250LR2G/30R-PPB13N00
R9571 0571 1    AA4VSO125DRG/30R-PPB13K33 R910978355    A4VSO250LR2N/30R-PPB13N00
R91571906    A4VSO180LR2/30R-PPB13N00 R910984242    A4VSO250HS3/30R-PPB13N00
R91571730    A4VSO125LR2N/30R-PPB13N00 R910985297    A4VSO250LR2/30R-PPB13N00
R91571125    A4VSO180DR/30R-PPB13N00 R910985509    A4VSO250DFR/30R-PPB13N00
R915716~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778    A4VSO180DFR/30R-PPB13N00 R91571150    A4VSO1000LR3N/30R-PZH25N00
R910985509    A4VSO250DFR/30R-PPB13N00 R91571306    A4VSO125DR/30R-PPB13N00
R910985297    A4VSO250LR2/30R-PPB13N00 R91571490    A4VSO250LR3N/30R-PPB25N00
R910978355    A4VSO250LR2N/30R-PPB13N00 R915716~13 0571 88828 13858117778    A4VSO180DFR/30R-PPB13N00
R91571965    A4VSO250DRG/30R-PPB13N00 R91571645    A4VSO125DRG/30R-PPB13N00
R91 0571 769    A4VSO250DR/30R-PPB13N00 R91571987    A4VSO500HS3/30R-PPH25N00
R9109 0571 5    A4VSO71LR2/10R-PPB13N00 R91571045    A4VSO355HS3/30R-PPB13N00
R957104903    A4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00 R91571125    A4VSO180DR/30R-PPB13N00
R9571 0571 3    A4VSO125LR2/30R-PPB13N00 R91571362    A4VSO125DR/30R-VPB13N00
R9571 0571 1    A4VSO180DRG/30R-PPB13N00 R91571730    A4VSO125LR2N/30R-PPB13N00
R9571 0571 3    A4VSO125LR2/30R-PPB13N00 R91571783    A4VSO125LR2G/30R-PPB13N00
R957104894    A4VSO125DP/30R-PPB13N00 R91571797    A4VSO125LR2D/30R-PPB13N00
R957104903    A4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00 R91571867    A4VSO180LR2G/30R-PPB13N00
R95715710    A4VSO355HD1/30R-PPB13N00 R91571906    A4VSO180LR2/30R-PPB13N00
R957108441    A4VSO355LR3N/30R-PPB25N00 R91571934    A4VSO180LR2N/30R-PPB13N00
R957108442    A4VSO500LR3N/30R-PPH25N00 R91571125    A4VSO180DR/30R-PPB13N00
R957108443    A4VSO750LR3N/30R-PZH25N00 R957106427    AHAA4VSO250HD1BT/30R-PKD63K22
R957100840    AA4VSO355EO2/30R-PKD63K52 R957106429    AHAA4VSO250DRG/30R-PKD63K22
R95712571    A4VSO500DR/30R-PPH25N00 R957106430    AHAA4VSO250LR2G/30R-PKD63N00


Rexroth A4vso500 Hydraulic Piston Axial Pump Widely Used

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